7 String Brazilian Guitar – Baião – FEIRA DE MANGAIO – Sivuca

I’ve been wanting to record this tune for a few weeks and finally had the time. “Feira de Mangaio” is a baião by Sivuca, that when I play, reminds of going out to Brazil’s forró, to dance for hours. The swing is the most important part in order to bring the spirit of the music out.

This arrangement was done mostly using two note harmony, either playing the interval of a third or a sixth. The groove is that of baião, which mean it’s a 2/4 cycle where the bass plays on the first and fourth sixteenth note of beat 1, while the high part basically accents in staccato, all sixteenth notes.
The tune is called “Feira de Mangaio”, by Sivuca, who was an accordion player. And that is exactly the idea of the arrangement, was to try to make the guitar sound like an accordion.

Hope you all enjoy it, and please send me ideas of what I can record next!

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