Desvairada (Garoto) by Felipe Coelho

Desvairada is a choro waltz by Garoto, one of the greatest guitar composers in the history of Brazilian music. The piece has three different sections, the first in Dm, the second in F major e the third in D major.

For this take I decided to bring some aspects of my own style, firstly by applying the hybrid technique in some of the arpeggios from the melody, and by mixing the Brazilian composition with bits and pieces of flamenco and gypsy jazz. On the third part I decided to go for a solo using arpeggios, gypsy jazz phrases and even a blues phrase over the II – V – I progression. And at the end of the third part, I buil a strong cadence to go back to the top, by using flamenco influenced tools such as the harmony in phrygian dominant mode and the technique of alzapua.
To end the piece with style I took the pulse up a few notches build some intensity.

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