Testimonial Challenge

Watch the videos from our students of the Secret of Brazilian Guitar Complete Course and vote on the one that you liked most. Just leave your vote on the comment box below.
By voting you can get a free private 1 hour class with Felipe Coelho. The winner will be selected in a drawing.

Students Testimonials

1 - Faed Shadid

2 - Maciej Blizinski

3 - Bram (Luthier Gringhuis)

4 - Lauri Marjakangas

5 - Gabriel Flemming

6 - Paul Braz

7 - Oleksiy Chebanov

Tell on the comment below the testimonial you liked most and why

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Felipe Coelho earned a bachelor and masters degree in jazz studies as guitar performance at age 23 in the United States with full scholarships. Moving back to Brazil he has produced seven original records, touring twelve times, playing in New York, Chicago, Shanghai (China), Buenos Aires as well as the most important capitals of Brazil. His style is a fusion between Brazilian music, flamenco and jazz as well as his high technical ability and creativity led him to win state and national awards, going on to compose and play with orchestras in Brazil and in the US becoming a respected and recognized Brazilian artist.

MSE LTDA CNPJ 35.638.306/0001-52